Rebranding the World’s Largest Audio Visual Association

Puesto aims to share the Mexican street food experience, with guests in a bold and refined setting, through its several locations across California.


Brand Strategy & Re-Naming


After conducting customer and stakeholder interviews, as well as digging into market research, it was clear that Infocomm's brand need to change to capture their younger emerging audience, as well as retain their existing audience.

After defining the brand strategy, it was clear the name need to change as well. We started with a long list and narrowed it down to 1; AVIXA. AVIXA stands for the Audio Visual and Integrate Experience Association. The 'Audio Visual' part speaks to their existing audience, while the ‘Integrated Experience' speaks to their new younger members.


Logo & Motion


Motion and member inclusion were a huge part of the brand strategy and the biggest inspiration for the logo and visual identity.

The brand needed to feel in motion, even when there was no motion. This led us to using a gradient as the main color palette for AVIXA. We came up with an abstract mark that worked perfectly as a video mask to include members AV/IX works right into the mark itself, creating a truly community drive brand.


Brand Applications & Promotional Materials


Environmental Branding