Artisan Mexican Street Food

Puesto aims to share the Mexican street food experience, with guests in a bold and refined setting, through its several locations across California.

While at Ripe, I served as art director, designer and project manager for Puesto. I led and managed the design and production of all brand touchpoints, and communicated with the client daily. I was also responsible for managing a team of four designers, and partnering with dozens of external vendors to produce assets for Puesto.

Plan For The Future

In early 2016, Puesto came to us with their plans for expansion in northern California. Our challenge was to create a brand strategy that ensured Puesto’s core values and visual identity would be extended to each new location and to every new guest. The overall goal was to communicate that Puesto offers an elevated Mexican street food experience in a bright, welcoming atmosphere.

In partnership with a brand strategist, we mapped the continuing evolution of the Puesto brand and defined key measures for success when opening new locations. We also collaborated closely with architects to ensure the new locations aligned with the brand strategy.


Refreshed Visual Identity

Through conversations with the client and because of Puesto’s strong presence in its flagship locations, a complete rebrand would not have been effective. As part of the brand strategy, we recommended a light brand refresh, to evolve Puesto’s visual identity and to help streamline the brand’s communication of their overall message.

Since the brand strategy was finalized in May 2016, we have been working with Puesto to align all brand touchpoints with the new strategy.